Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat...Last Minute Halloween Ideas!

Can you guess what I was for my Halloween weekend? I'll give you one guess...a Zombie Hipster! Alex and I spent the weekend visiting one of my great friends in the Appalachian Mountains this past weekend (just what I needed to balance out my crazy week!), and everyone loved out costumes! We had people come up to us the whole night saying things like, "so exclusive" or "this song is too mainstream." We also had people stop us on our way to the party to take pictures! It was such a blast. And guess what? Our costumes were homemade, and very inexpensive.
t-shirt: $1 at the Dollar General
paint: $1.20 for all 4 colors (and I have plenty left over!)
Hipster glasses: Free, with the purchase of an awesome 3D movie ticket!
Flannel: $4 at a thrift store, or free if you can bum one off of a friend

It took me about 30 minutes to make the shirt and let it dry (I cheated and used one of those powerful hand blowers to make it dry faster!) And here are the results! Alex's shirt says "So Exclusive" and my shirt says, "Life Was Too Mainstream"
And here is a picture of us in our element, infesting the town!
Feel free to copy our last minute idea ;) Also if you want a few more ideas, try some of these DIY looks below:

1. Sailor
What you need:
a white t-shirt
navy blue paint
a ruler to keep your lines straight
a cute white skirt or shorts
a cool paper sailor's hat (click here for instructions!)
or try painting this if you are feeling artsy:
and try pinning a quick bow onto your hat using my 2 minute bow instructions!

2. The Incredibles
You can either make this shirt with "No Sew" glue, like the one above, or with paint (probably the easiest way for the procrastinators in all of us!)
What You Need:
Red Shirt
black, orange and yellow paint
pencil (you want to sketch this design out first!)
black mask ( either make out of old DIY fabric, or buy one for $1 at Wal-Mart)
red tights
black shorts...or undies, depending on the party, I suppose ;)

3. David Bowie
All you need for this one is some face paint, hair gel, and some super tight and flashy clothing! 
Try something similar to the look below:

4. The Smurfs
They were adorable! This one might be messy with all of the baby blue body paint, but pair this with a cute thrifted dress and some blue leggings, and you'll definitely be a conversation piece!

That's all that I have! Happy Halloween, Everyone!
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Raffaella said...

i like the sailor idea!!! xoxo

inmyhansonshirt said...

A zombie hipster is such a good idea, lol! These are great ideas!

brittany leigh said...

I was a zombie last year! it is for sure a great easy costume! hope you have a great halloween!



Suzzie V said...

I love it! My husband and I needed a last minute costume so we decided to be robots and just wrapped ourselves in tin foil. It was pretty awesome. Last minute costumes are the best!

shoelazzo said...

I love all the costumes, but most of all the smurfs :)

Meredith Jessica said...

Cute, love that Bowie look!

Gentri said...

awesome. :) Love it! You should link it up to my Halloween Party so other people can see it!

City Girl said...

hey! just found your blog and fell in love with it!! check out mine, if you want and we can follow each other..!! see you!

Haylee said...

Awesome ideas! I love being a zombie, it's easy and fun! :)

Pop Champagne said...

the sailor is cute and lol the smurfs!! that's awesome :D

sophie said...

wow! love them all!