Friday, July 29, 2011

Under Construction!

Hello everyone! As you have probably noticed, I have been changing the site around a bit! Well, this will probably be going on throughout the weekend as well, so sit tight! 
While you wait, enjoy a few pictures of my maltese, Mandy and connect with her on Pet Bytes!
She always tries to steal the show any how!

 "Whatcha lookin' at? You want me to do a trick or something?"
 "Well, I'll sing you a song..'♪ Oooooo!The dog days are over, yeah!'"
"Okay, now you owe me a treat..."

Oh, Mandy! What a character you are!!!

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DIY...Flannel Tube Top

Hi Everyone! I found a cool way to recycle your winter flannels for the summer time. I call it, The Flannel Tube Top.

Step 1: Locate an old long sleeve flannel shirt. Mine is a NY & CO hand-me down from the early 90s! A business shirt could probably also work

Step 2: Put on the shirt regularly then take your arms out of the sleeves. Button/ zip up  to your bust.

Step 3: Tie the arms in a single knot, or bow if you can.
Step 4: Fold in the collar in the back

Voila! Pair with your favorite shorts and sandals ;)

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Giveaway!!!! Vintage Travel Case!

Hello my lovely readers! In order to thank all of my new followers, I am hosting another giveaway! Melissa, of TinkerMel has offered to give away a treasured piece from her vintage collection; a Blue Travel Case!

I've talked to Melissa for a full month now trying to get this give away ready for you guys, and she has stayed patient with me through my hectic schedule! The first thing that I notice while talking to Melissa is that she is a very generous person. She let me handpick an item from her collection to give to one lucky winner! While sifting through the collection, I couldn't believe how many cool things I found, including this Antique Jewelry Box and this Expandable Candle Holder!
Melissa says that her number one inspiration is her son, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and has been cancer free for 7 years. As a single mother, Melissa somehow finds the energy to do what she loves and brings to us a store full of her marvelous "tinkering" finds!

I am so happy that this giveaway came together! I have always wanted vintage luggage, and I am happy that I can provide that dream to one of you lucky readers!

Here is how you enter the giveaway:
1. Become a Follower through GFC and/or bloglovin'
2. Leave your name and email address (this part is important!!!)
3. Visit a few of my favorite items on TinkerMel:

That's all!

This giveaway will end Friday, Aug 5th, 2011

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Be Cool: Beauty #1

Tired of hiding those zits? Well my fellow cool people, I have a very unusual yet valid home remedy to help you stay cool and help your face stay clear! What is it you may ask?


How many people imagined slapping thick oil on your already greasy face? I know that it sounds crazy, and I thought the same thing as well, until I tried it. As most of my readers know, I just started a new job. Well, the job is 8 hours of intense hard labor in harsh conditions, and my face and skin has gone haywire! So like most of us do, I hit the internet for a solution to my pimply skin, and one of the solutions that I found was using oil to wash your face instead of a harsh acne product. The articles reasoned that the reason that our skin makes oil is because we need it; however using harsh chemicals dries out our skin and makes it even more prone to breakouts. Using a penetrating oil, like olive oil or grapeseed oil (put away the vegetable oil!) to wash your face will give you smooth skin and within a matter of days, you'll see a difference. All of my little white head pimples were gone in 2 days (I kid you not!) I tried this on my brother, who has acne, for one day and after that one use, we could already seen a difference in his skin!

For more information on Oil Face Washes, click here!

Have you/would you ever try the Oil Cleansing Method?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ask Bree: How Do I Stop Spending So Much $$$ on Shopping?

Q: How do I stop spending so much money on clothing?

A: Shopping is every girl's vice! I mean, c'mon, how do you expect us to walk away from a great sale? Well the key is getting creative with the clothes that you already have. Here are a few tips:

Shorten the hemline to an old skirt- make old skirts and skirts that hang at weird lengths fresh again! All you need is a pair of scissors and a sewing machine (or a friend who is willing to do this for you!)

Turn an old t- shirt into a cute fringe shirt! Pair it with some cute shorts for summer!

Crop that top!
Don't like the look of fringes? Try making your own crop top with a t-shirt that you haven't worn in a while.

You'd be surprise how many outfits you can come up with just buy utilizing a few key accessories! Check out the Little Black Dress Experiment for some inspiration. Maybe you could do your own experiment ;)

If all else fails, check out the Great Deal Alerts that I will be posting periodically so that you won't miss cool sales ;)

Hope this helps!

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Ask Bree: Online Shopping

Q: I love shopping at forever 21, however EVERYONE shops there! Do you have any recommendations of online stores within the same price as forever 21, other than wet seal?

A: I am a big Forever 21 fan; however I do agree that sometimes it's good to mix it up and have more options! Here are a few of my suggestions below. Enjoy!

#34 Electrifying Picturesque
I love this store because it has very sophisticated style options and the prices are still great! They also have some killer shoes for my budget!

I love all of the fun colors at this clothing store! The prices are so affordable as well. This is definitely a top store for me!

I recently found out about this shop and I absolutely love it! The collection ranges from basics, to colorful dresses, to suave business attire! 

Also, check out my post on My Favorite Big Cartel Shops!

Hope this helps! Feel free to add suggestions below!!!

3 Staples That Should Be in Every Cool Person's Wardrobe

1. Red Blazer- Nothing sizzles more than a business casual hottie! The red tells the world that you are not afraid to take risks.

2. Cute, colorful sneakers and flats- These can add a flirty, school vibe to any outfit! Try pairing with a flirty skirt or linen shorts

3. Basketball Shorts- Pair these with a cute tank top and opened button down to have a dressy but laid back outfit.

Do you own any of these items?

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Great Deal Alert!!! Wet Seal

Wet Seal Clearance
Hello my lovely readers! I had to make everyone out there aware of a great deal going on at Wet Seal. Buy 1 thing from clearance and get another thing for a penny!!! Go get shopping!!!

Wednesday Inspiration-Mail Bags

Hi, everyone! I hope that you enjoy this Wednesday Inspiration! These cool mail organizers are definitely on my "To-Make" list for when I get my apartment; however if you don't feel like sewing, I would definitely go buy these at Tuuni! I plan to make one for each day of the week ;)

postcards from europe - mail organizer, linen

postcards from europe - mail organizer, linen

postcards from europe - mail organizer, linen

postcards from europe - mail organizer, linen

postcards from europe - mail organizer, linen

Need another reason to give Snail Mail a chance? Check out my post here for a cool craft!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 90s are back!!!! On Nickelodeon, at least!

Hello, everyone!!!! I am so excited to report that Nickelodeon has answered our request! They have brought back all of our favorite cartoons from the 90s! Every week night starting at midnight on Teen Nick, Nickelodeon will feature shows like All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains it All and Doug! I am so excited!!!!

What do you think about this?!?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured Friday!- Camille

Hello my lovely readers! I am back with another Featured Friday! This weeks feature is Camile of The Daily Camille and The Dewey Decimals (her blogs are frickin amazing!!!!!). This girl is so cool! Let's see what she has to say:

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 22. I'm also a sucker for stories of high adventure and endless romance

Tell us about your blog: The Dewey Decimals is a lifestyle blog made by two bookworms. We frequently focus our posts on fashion but we also talk about teaching techniques, literature appreciation and promoting literacy in our communities.

What is your definition of cool?

Have you ever heard of the term DGAF? Being cool is essentially the art of DGAF. It's so funny to see that people (errr, my 6th grade self) try so hard to be cool, but when they stop caring about it all they are suddenly the coolest cat on the block.

How do  you fit this definition? What makes you cool? 

hahahaha, I don't really have any talents or skills that make me fit the definition of cool. I am myself, and that's it. A couple years ago I lived in NYC then Amsterdam for a while, that experience taught me to keep to myself and enjoy each moment. When I came back to California I thought of everything as an opportunity to challenge my creativity (especially with clothing!) and be completely honest with myself. People often mistake creativity+honesty as being cool, I think it's just me being me.

Who inspires you to be cool? & those blogs are photo series of really cool cats doing their thing. I just love the way each person holds their selves and is all dgaf at the cameras. hahahaha, I also love looking at Irving Penn's photography. His stuff is really inspirational--I like to think of them as the first modern documentation of how to be cool.

If your life could have a theme song, what would it be?

Ouu, that's a difficult questions! hahahaha, there's this old Brazilian movie called "Orfeu Negro" ("Black Orpheus"). It has a really great song on their album called Manhã De Carnaval ("Morning of Carnival")... that song would be my theme song forever. It's the kind of song you listen to when you have fallen in love with all of the beauty that the world has to offer. You can listen to it on youtube: If I could choose a second favorite it'd be the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack... it's so essential to life.

Anything else? 

hmmm... be yourself! I know that's a silly and cliche thing to say but it's so true. In my opinion, the coolest people are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves, love who they are and enjoy life. It might take you a while to figure out the kind of person you are, it took me nearly 21 years!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Be Cool: Fashion #1

One of the main reasons that I created this blog was to inspire be to come up with their own definition of cool by offering cool inspiration and featuring people that I find to be "cool" in their own way. Well, I realize that some people need a nudge in the right direction of creating their own definition of cool, so I am here to help with my Cool Tips!

Cool Fashion Tip #1: Shop on Etsy and Big Cartel

Everyone knows about Forever21 and H&M, and not everyone is lucky enough to find amazing vintage pieces, therefore, I shop Big Cartel and Etsy to get clothing that I know that not many people will have! I usually shop Etsy for accesories only, so here are my favorite Big Cartel stores:

Image of Rosie Lacie Jacket

Image of Motel Renee Dress in Coral

Repeat After Me (too bad they're in Australia, because of shipping!!!)
Image of <span style="color:red">SOLD </span>Vintage Louis Feraud Dress

Image of Pounce Leopard Print Jumpsuit (2 Sizes)

Image of Black Magic Cross Stud Shorts

Do you shop on Big Cartel or Etsy? What is your favorite store?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ask Bree How to Be Cool

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, I'm trying to redo the blog a little bit and one of the features that I want to add is an "Ask Bree" section (I'm Bree!). You can ask me any questions whether they be personal or about a dilemma.

Some of my self proclaimed expertise
-Fashion Thrifting
-Boyfriend/ Friendship Advice
-College Life
- All around coolness 

Submit your questions to or in the comments below and I'll answer them on the blog!