Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Mondays- Goyte Feat. Kimbra

Hello Everyone! Life has been such a roller coaster lately! I appologize for not posting as often as I used to. I think that it's time for me to post another "Diary of a Pre-Med Student" post very soon! Anyways, it's a very gloomy day over in this region of town. I am praying for snow, though I doubt it will happen anytime soon! Anyways, have a great day out there! Here's a song that will be stuck in your head for a while ;)

I also am in lust of this song by Kimbra called Settle Down! Her dance moves are killer! So jazzy!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Socialite Adventures-Changing my Wardrobe Pt. I

I've noticed lately that my closet has been looking a little...bland. A whole bunch of nothing to wear. Ever feel that way? Therefore (thanks to a big help from my generous mommy), I have decided to change my style. Though my mom is very generous, I wouldn't let her take me on a full shopping spree or anything, so I just picked out a few signature pieces that will help me achieve my everyday socialite style.
Style Type: Classy with Edge
Instead of trying to be edgy with my clothing, I have decided to have classier pieces with edgier accessories. So far, these are the clothes that I have purchased. My accessories with be shown in Part 2.
The Clothes
3 Comfy Sweater (these will be paired with skirts/shorts with tights)
2 Cute Dresses ( I've name the blue one, "The Date" dress and the black one "The Art Gallery" dress)

3 Silky long sleeve shirts
*All clothes were purchased (not sponsored) by Old Navy
I have a long way to go to fill up my wardrobe, however, these first essentials will definitely lead me on my way. And now that I have a new job (yay!), I will be able to afford more clothing. I have my first orientation for work today at O'Charley's! I'm so excited! Hope I do well.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friend Adventures: And these are my friends...

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maniacs
What a beautiful day in January it was today! We are not use to such hot weather this time of year in North Carolina. I had the amazing opportunity to spend this day with my lovely, and very crazy friends, before we all go back to college. Here are some photos of our day. We covered lots of territory today, including Q'doba, World Market, and Old Navy. Let the stranger's whispers and judging stares begin!
Note: Please try your hardess not to judge us. can judge.
(via my amazing photography. I love this photo!)
(J Andy for President)
(definitely a good choice for Pres-Elect)
No friend adventure would be complete without a shopping cart and an echo microphone. 
Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Socialite Adventures-My Holiday Blunder

(I was trying to show off Mandy's Christmas bows!)
I have decided to make 2012 my year of becoming a socialite in my city of Charlotte, NC. Easier said than done, right? Well, in my first post about my new quest for the socialite life, I focused more on my physical appearance-my weight, more specifically. Have I reached my goal weight of 127 yet? Heavens no! I honestly slipped up over the holidays which cause dramatic weight gain. I went from eating only 1200-1400 calories a day to eating....yeah, I'm not even sure how many calories I ate this holiday! I probably cause my body more harm that week of only eating 1200-1400 calories than good. My body probably went into starvation mode, so when it saw all of the yummy Christmas fat that I was eating on Christmas, it probably held onto it for dear life! The heaviest I got was 138! After Christmas, I decided to get on a 2000 calorie diet, like I was before, and just step up the working out. I got the Zumba 2 Wii game for Christmas, so I have been using that, along with walking Mandy! Now I am down to 133 lbs, and I have muscles! I can feel ab muscles that I've never felt before!
I will reach 127 one day, but I'm not stressing out about it like I did before. Besides, the reason that I want to be a socialite in the first place has nothing to do with my appearance. Party For Autism, the non-profit organization I started, is the reason I want to become a socialite in Charlotte, so that I can spread the word and have bigger events. I'll keep you guys updated on my success!

*Please vote for Mandy and I on Pet Bytes! 
All you have to do is join Pet Bytes and "like" our blog post here! We can win $250 for Party For Autism!
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Etsy Shop- Barberry and Lace

I hope that everyone has safely recovered from the 'itis and is back to their daily routines! After about a month of sparingly blogging, I think that I've gotten my blogging kick back! Today, I would like to introduce you to my new obsession, Barberry and Lace. This etsy shop specializes in unique jewelry, and the one accessory that they have that I instantly fell in love with is their pocket watch necklace! I have picked out a few of my favorite accessories below, so check them out! Also make sure to check out the website!
the world on a string necklace.
the birdcage pocket watch (necklace).
the birdcage pocket watch (necklace).
the camera pocket watch (necklace).
the tea glass pocket watch (necklace).

Don't forget to stop by the shop and tell me which ones are your favorites!
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