Monday, January 9, 2012

Socialite Adventures-Changing my Wardrobe Pt. I

I've noticed lately that my closet has been looking a little...bland. A whole bunch of nothing to wear. Ever feel that way? Therefore (thanks to a big help from my generous mommy), I have decided to change my style. Though my mom is very generous, I wouldn't let her take me on a full shopping spree or anything, so I just picked out a few signature pieces that will help me achieve my everyday socialite style.
Style Type: Classy with Edge
Instead of trying to be edgy with my clothing, I have decided to have classier pieces with edgier accessories. So far, these are the clothes that I have purchased. My accessories with be shown in Part 2.
The Clothes
3 Comfy Sweater (these will be paired with skirts/shorts with tights)
2 Cute Dresses ( I've name the blue one, "The Date" dress and the black one "The Art Gallery" dress)

3 Silky long sleeve shirts
*All clothes were purchased (not sponsored) by Old Navy
I have a long way to go to fill up my wardrobe, however, these first essentials will definitely lead me on my way. And now that I have a new job (yay!), I will be able to afford more clothing. I have my first orientation for work today at O'Charley's! I'm so excited! Hope I do well.
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K said...

Ouu I like! I'm definitely feeling the same thing for the new year - a lot of my clothes are just awkward and dont fit me properly or don't go with anything else I own - so I'm trying to gradually build up my wardrobe to more classic, but still funky, higher quality pieces!

Maybe I'll have to make a trip to Old Navy ;) !


inmyhansonshirt said...

I definitely know that feeling! I love these pieces, especially the dresses! So cute!

Krys said...

&& ur hair is pretty! what did u do to it?

Daisy said...

hope your new wardrobe is everything u dream im in this same process its a long one!! im following :-)

Shelby said...

Hey there! I could seriously use some advice on something that happened to me recently. Check out the post at

and comment if anything comes to mind!

L1L2 said...

love the date dress...:) perfecto!