Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NACURH Conference at CU Boulder! Part 1

Hi Everyone! After being in a sleep coma for the past 10 hours, I am now up and ready to talk about my amazing trip to Colorado! Now that I was appointed my Resident Student Association's Treasurer, I was afforded the opportunity to go the the NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls). This conference was amazing! I have never seen so many students enthusiastic about the same cause before. It was like school spirit on steroids! The conference took place at the University of Colorado at Boulder and was from June 1-June 4th. The plane ride from North Carolina to Colorado was only 3 hours, however with the time difference, I only lost 1 hour of my day! As we flew over Denver, Colorado, I couldn't help but notice the...nothing! There was nothing but land as we flew over! No trees or shrubs and looooots of sky....way different than North Carolina.
 However once we landed and got on our bus to Boulder, we were able to see the beautiful mountain range! It seriously looked like a picture even though I was pretty close to it. I got to know that mountain range very well, especially after our bus of 50+ people broke down on the side of the road...for hours! But as I always say, being stranded on a conference bus in the middle of nowhere Colorado for hours is the best way to meet friends!
Thank goodness it was light outside, or it probably could have turned into a horrible horror movie fast!
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