Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple of My Eye

macbook sticker
Because of my recent and expecting expansion of Party For Autism Chapters across North Carolina, I have been considering getting office space. In this office space, I might finally make the Apple. If you really new me, you'd know that I am so against new technology. I'm still rocking "Team Dumb Phone" all the way, until my phone spontaneously combusts! However, to keep my hopeful new office modern, and up-to-date, I may invest in a few Apple products. On my hunt, however, I started to get excited about my new change in lifestyle, especially after I found these cute Macbook stickers! There are over 25 of these that I found; however, below are a few of my favorites!
1. VW Sticker
macbook sticker

2. Darth Vader Sticker
macbook sticker

3. Wormy Sticker (so clever!)
macbook sticker

4. Apple, get it?
macbook sticker

5. Pacman
macbook sticker

6. Eve in the Garden
macbook sticker

7. Apple Evolution (of course, this one is my favorite!)
macbook sticker

Which one is your favorite? Find more here!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Because I'm Nerdy

I have rapidly turned into a big science geek, now that I am officially a Biology Major! My course load this semester are the following classes: Zoology; Animal Behavior; Ecology; and Organic Chemistry. I can't even count anymore how many people's jaws have dropped after I tell them what I'm taking; however, I very much so prefer my schedule this semester than any other semester I've had here! I love knowing why things work the way that they do, so these classes are what I've been waiting for my whole school career! Ahhhhhh! I'm so glad that I am comfortable sharing the nerdy side of myself. And now that the cat is out of the bag, I can finally share all of my nerdy finds!

1. Mitosis nom-noms!
Eeeeep! I plan on making these as soon as I can!

2. Genetic Humor
Oh, the play on words just slay me!

3. A Beautiful love note.
ohhh biology
Matt (my boyfriend) could use this line on me any day =)

4. Bathroom Biology Humor
Who doesn't love a dirty Biology joke?
Who doesn't enjoy a little bathroom biology humor every now and then?
What's your nerdiest moment? I just shared at least 4 of mine =)
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life Lately.

My life has been a world-wind of a whimsical mix of fortunate and stressful events. Time is no longer of the essence; however, strangely I enjoy my crazy, event filled life! I'm still living the life of a pre-med student, and now I can officially add CEO and fashion model to my title. My socialite dreams are definitely budding, and for all of the right reasons. For those who don't know, my goal is to become a socialite, not for my personal benefit, but for networking opportunities for the non-profit organization that I started. Anyways, I have a lot to make up for three months gone, so I'll go ahead and get started =)
1. Camp Darrell was a success!
Camp Darrell is the camp that I started 3 years ago through Party For Autism, in honor of my cousin. This was our first year having camp at a University, and I can definitely say that this was the best year yet! We had 10 amazing campers, and they were all brave enough to go through the daily ropes challenges.
I also had an amazing staff this year!
2. I hiked up a mountain!
For resident advising training, we were sent away to Camp Hanes for a weekend in North Carolina. There, I climbed my first hike, an hour long trip up a (baby) mountain. I was so proud when I got to the top!
3.  I got a modeling gig!
So, funny story....I don't even know how this happened! One day before work, I went to the Paul Mitchell school for a model call for my city's Fashion Week just to see what a casting was like, and after getting a few pictures taking, I will now be walking in our Fashion Week!
and because of that, I've been doing a whole lot of this...
4. I found love =)
Probably the best thing from this summer was finding my new boyfriend, Matt. After my heartbreak with my ex, I didn't think that I would be able to accept his love...but he definitely took me by surprise.
(I decided that I didn't really like any of our pictures picture is pending. Ahhhh, the suspense!)
Other than that, I've just been enjoying my life with all of the new people I've been meeting this year! For those in school, cheers to an awesome semester!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NACURH Conference at CU Boulder! Part 1

Hi Everyone! After being in a sleep coma for the past 10 hours, I am now up and ready to talk about my amazing trip to Colorado! Now that I was appointed my Resident Student Association's Treasurer, I was afforded the opportunity to go the the NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls). This conference was amazing! I have never seen so many students enthusiastic about the same cause before. It was like school spirit on steroids! The conference took place at the University of Colorado at Boulder and was from June 1-June 4th. The plane ride from North Carolina to Colorado was only 3 hours, however with the time difference, I only lost 1 hour of my day! As we flew over Denver, Colorado, I couldn't help but notice the...nothing! There was nothing but land as we flew over! No trees or shrubs and looooots of sky....way different than North Carolina.
 However once we landed and got on our bus to Boulder, we were able to see the beautiful mountain range! It seriously looked like a picture even though I was pretty close to it. I got to know that mountain range very well, especially after our bus of 50+ people broke down on the side of the road...for hours! But as I always say, being stranded on a conference bus in the middle of nowhere Colorado for hours is the best way to meet friends!
Thank goodness it was light outside, or it probably could have turned into a horrible horror movie fast!
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