Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured Friday!- Camille

Hello my lovely readers! I am back with another Featured Friday! This weeks feature is Camile of The Daily Camille and The Dewey Decimals (her blogs are frickin amazing!!!!!). This girl is so cool! Let's see what she has to say:

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 22. I'm also a sucker for stories of high adventure and endless romance

Tell us about your blog: The Dewey Decimals is a lifestyle blog made by two bookworms. We frequently focus our posts on fashion but we also talk about teaching techniques, literature appreciation and promoting literacy in our communities.

What is your definition of cool?

Have you ever heard of the term DGAF? Being cool is essentially the art of DGAF. It's so funny to see that people (errr, my 6th grade self) try so hard to be cool, but when they stop caring about it all they are suddenly the coolest cat on the block.

How do  you fit this definition? What makes you cool? 

hahahaha, I don't really have any talents or skills that make me fit the definition of cool. I am myself, and that's it. A couple years ago I lived in NYC then Amsterdam for a while, that experience taught me to keep to myself and enjoy each moment. When I came back to California I thought of everything as an opportunity to challenge my creativity (especially with clothing!) and be completely honest with myself. People often mistake creativity+honesty as being cool, I think it's just me being me.

Who inspires you to be cool? & those blogs are photo series of really cool cats doing their thing. I just love the way each person holds their selves and is all dgaf at the cameras. hahahaha, I also love looking at Irving Penn's photography. His stuff is really inspirational--I like to think of them as the first modern documentation of how to be cool.

If your life could have a theme song, what would it be?

Ouu, that's a difficult questions! hahahaha, there's this old Brazilian movie called "Orfeu Negro" ("Black Orpheus"). It has a really great song on their album called Manhã De Carnaval ("Morning of Carnival")... that song would be my theme song forever. It's the kind of song you listen to when you have fallen in love with all of the beauty that the world has to offer. You can listen to it on youtube: If I could choose a second favorite it'd be the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack... it's so essential to life.

Anything else? 

hmmm... be yourself! I know that's a silly and cliche thing to say but it's so true. In my opinion, the coolest people are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves, love who they are and enjoy life. It might take you a while to figure out the kind of person you are, it took me nearly 21 years!

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Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Great interview! She's adorable! I'll be checking her out.

<3 Marina

SarahBerry93 said...

She's so pretty! Love her style!

Camille said...

thanks Bree! You're so great and if you ever want to guest post on TDD just send me an email and I'll set something up for you! :)

♥ Camille