Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Small World Project-Sasha

Hello! I hope that everyone has recovered from their Halloween madness! I would like to start this post off by welcoming my new readers! I am so surprised by how many readers I have received in just a few months! Welcome! Back to the post; I've been trying to think of a way to include my readers more with The Small World Project participants, therefore, I asked the lovely ladies to do interviews so that you could know a little bit more about them! First up is Sasha. Check out what she has to say (and her blog here!)

Current Location: 
I currently live in upstate NY, but i'm originally from Westchester County. (woop woop for the 914!)

Tell us a little about yourself:(age, school, hobbie, whatever you feel like sharing)
Im 20 and I'm a junior at the University at Albany. I love to read and braid hair. I also have an addiction to Auntie Anne's almond pretzels with sweet glaze. If you haven't had one TRY IT!

Tell us about your blog:
My blog has minimal direction to be honest. It's about hair, music, nails and food (coming soon). I like to find inspiration in little things, simple things and that is what I want my blog to convey. 

What inspired you to join The Small World Project?
Since the first day I stumbled upon Bree's page I bookmarked it so when I saw the project I knew I had to take part. I love getting mail, even if its a bill, sad I know, lol. 
In my eyes the Small World Project was somewhat revolutionary. It was the rejection of the impersonal ideology of "social networking". It allowed for human reconnection and I loved that. 

What is your definition of cool?
My definition of cool believing in yourself and the decisions that you make. Everyone can tell you what they think you should do, but at the end of the day no one walks in your shoes but YOU.
How do  you fit this definition? What makes you cool?
I've always been headstrong and I hate people telling me what to do. I'll heed advice, matter fact I LOVE advice but I've learned if you don't know how to say no people will try to live through you. So I'd say I'm cool because I prefer the road not taken :)

Who inspires you to be cool?
My fiance, he's really taught me to enjoy the little things in life and be firm about the decisions I make. My kindness has tended to be my weakness and he's helped me work on that. 

If your life could have a theme song or a motto, what would it be?
"When work feels overwhelming, remember that your going to die."- I know, I know your probably thinking "wth", let me explain, lol. I tend to get extremely stressed out and I'm starting to learn that you can only do what you can do. Over-thinking, stressing and pulling out your hair will only get you more trouble than your looking for, so LET IT BE. STRESS FREE! 

Anything else?
I'm Sasha and I approve this message :)

We still have 2 spots to fill for the month of November! We start next week, so please email me ASAP! For more information on The Small World Project, click here!
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K said...

Great inerview, I loved it! Especially love that life motto about work and dying bahaha made me laugh, but it's so true!

I guess this question kinda goes out to the both of youuu... but I'm not sure if my letters have gotten lost in the mail on their long trip from Canada to the states, or if you've received them yet?! I only know of one person who's received theirs...

Let me know :////


Mikimoto Angel said...

Hello there Bree! It's been a long time since I've last visited your blog. Sorry for that. Been so busy lately.

Congratulations on your new readers! You deserve it cause your blog is such a promising site. :-)

Mary said...

I like your hair! Your halloween make up was sooo cute!

Haylee said...

I love this idea of the Small World project, I'll definitely look into it more! I enjoyed this interview :)

I also wanted to let you know I featured your Halloween post on my blog today, I still can't get over those hipster zombie looks!