Monday, October 3, 2011

The First week of The Small World Project/Moped Hijacking

Hello Everyone! Today marks the first day of The Small World Project! I cannot explain how excited I am for this week! The first person that my letter is going to is Sasha! I wish that I could tell you guys everything that I put in her package; however, I want it to be a surprise! Therefore, at the end of the week, I will have a post saying what I received, as well as a post saying what I sent out. In order to make following this project a little easier, I made a little button for that will be on the side bar of my blog that will link you to every post from The Small World Project. Thanks for everyone who has supported this project! Let the letter swapping begin! 

*****Bonus Post: I hijacked a Moped

Like the bike? Well, it's not mine! I actually have no idea whose it is! I convinced my friend, Beatriz to take a picture of me hijacking this moped. Even though I was only on it for a maximum of 7 seconds, the thrill of being deviant felt amazing! Though, I would have no idea how to drive one, the idea of owning one is pretty cool. Maybe one day! The day of this picture was one crazy day of pictures! I'll post more of my photo shoot later this week!
What's the most deviant thing you've done this month? C'mon, share!
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lovely :):) great blog!
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Anya adores said...

Lovely pictures - love the moped. Have a sunny day,

sophie said...

hey sweety! thanx for your cute comment! love your blog!
it would be great to follow each other!
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p.s. maybe we could exchange buttons! are you interested?

Nina J. said...

Nice post. Thanks for your comment & following. I will follow you back.

MyWay said...

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vasso said...

nice bike i have a post with vespa of my dreans!!thnx 4 the comment darling!!i follow!!


SoapyMermaid said...

i love the photo of you on the moped. your blog is very lovely. i follow you with the greatest pleasure :)

Fash Boulevard said...

omg. you hijacked a moped. obsessed. love this post. thanks so much for sharing. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest nail polish post. Thanks love. xoxo