Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coffee with the daughter of Fidel Castro

Alina Fernandez is her name. I felt so honored when my adviser nominated me to be the one to introduce Ms. Fernandez in a round table discussion before a lecture that she gave to my university. I'm apart of the Distinguished Speakers Forum at my university, so we were responsible for Fernandez's arrival at our school. The round table discussion went very well, as it was filled with people of all different backgrounds and political views; however, it was the hour before her lecture that I enjoyed the most. After the round table discussion, I was put in charge of making sure that Fernandez was comfortable and that any request was filled. It was just the two of us. What do you say to the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world? "Would you like me to buy you a coffee?" She had just told me that she was cold from the blasting A/C so I offered to walk over to our library to grab her a hot drink. "Yes, coffee. Great! I'll go with you." I was fully prepared to run out like an intern a grab her specially ordered coffee, so I was surprised when she offered to come with me and only ordered a regular coffee with no frills. "I would like some coffee for my sugar" she told me. I guess we both have a sweet tooth! After I payed for her coffee, we sat outside of the venue and talked about everything! She told me about her daughter, life when she was younger, living in Spain, and how she use to enjoy dancing, just like me! When I told her that I did a semester of Irish Dance, she looked at me in amusement. I guess I don't look like the typical Irish dancer. She was so nice to even give me a few dance websites to look at for inspiration on modern dance. After that, we started talking about the importance of staying in shape, and how she was upset that she won't be able to go to the gym because of her travel; however, we were unfortunately interrupted by the paparazzi. Due to class, I had to miss her lecture; however, I thoroughly enjoyed my hour conversation with her. She is such a great and strong woman, and a very amazing influence. Before I left, I made sure to get a picture with her. I will remember this honor forever!
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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Very nice and shows your adviser thinks highly of you. I bet it was a wonderful experience...the picture is a memory indeed.

inmyhansonshirt said...

Wow, that is definitely an honour! Congratulations!


K said...

that must have been the absolute coolest experience!
How exciting :)


Darianne said...

Very exciting!

Liz said...

That's so awesome!

Also, I love your dress, especially paired with that scarf.

Robots in Trouble said...

Dude... I want to meet someone like her. She seems like a regular person. It's nice that you made a new friend. It's too bad that she's always busy though. Wouldn't it be cool if you guys got to keep in touch with each other?

-robots in trouble

Anonymous said...

Can you please go to my blog and read the competition winner page- you won! Congratulations! I need you to email me your address, I've linked it on m bloggy,

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