Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alex Talks Hair and Fashion!

Hello my lovely readers! I was lucky enough to get an interview with the amazing Alex from The Good Hair Blog and Lush in Flats! Alex tells us how to keep our tresses fabulous and healthy during the summer heat, while letting us in on the details of her new blog. Check this girl out!

Current Location: Olney, MD

Tell us a little about yourself: Hello all! My name is Alexandra and I am a 22
year old mother, media journalism student, business owner and blogger!
I am currently attending a community college in my state but looking to
transfer to a 4 year university soon! I love writing; since I have been young
writing has definitely been a passion of mine. I fell into blogging about 2
years ago and I must say it’s become a huge outlet for me! Being creative
and sharing my thoughts with like minded people online has been such a

What DIY hair care tricks can you suggest for our readers, for these hot summer days?
The summer time can be dreadful for natural hair girls! The heat and
humidity can really take a toll on our delicate strands. I would suggest
carrying round a small spray bottle filled with water, glycerin, and your
favorite essential oil to use as a refresher. This will help keep your hair
hydrated and moisturized.

What is the best thing that you've ever done for your hair?                                       The best thing I’ve done for my hair is let it be. “She” is her own boss. LOL, yes I know that may sound weird by my hair has a “mind” of its own. Most curly girls may agree
with that.

I've noticed that you have a new blog, Lush in Flats! Could you tell us about it? 
decided to create Lush in Flats because I wanted an outlet to display my love
for unique style, fashion, makeup and other randomness! On L.I.F. you will
find OOTD (outfit of the day posts), makeup reviews, DIY projects, recipes
and MUCH more! I chose the name Lush in Flats for this blog for a couple
reasons. One because I LOVE wearing ballet flats; heels are nice sometimes
but most of the time you will catch me in some comfy, stylish low to the
ground flats! Second because I love the word lush. Lush means appealing
to the senses, luxurious and lavish! I figured it was fitting to my style and

Where is your favorite place to shop online? OMG! I have so many favorites but
I would have to say Ebay and Etsy! LOVE those 2 sites. I can find any and
everything I need on them.

What is your favorite bargain hunting item? My thrifted Tory Burch “Reva” flats
would have to be my favorite bargain item. In Nordstrom they retail for
over $200 and I found mine for less than half the price.

Anything else? Thank you so much for having me featured Bree! Your readers
can find me online at the following places- http://thegoodhairblog.com,
http://lushinflats.com, http://youtube.com/TheGoodHairBlog, Twitter:
Continue to be great everyone!

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She's pretty!
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Thanks for the feature honey! I appreciate all the kind words. :o)

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