Friday, August 5, 2011

Featured Friday!- Amber Talks Vintage!

Hello everyone! The lovely Amber from The Owl's Den is here to talk to us about her vintage finds! She also shares a few tips on how to handle very old, retired vintage. Read her interview, and don't forget to visit her blog ;)
Current Location:City, State, Country or just State or Country:  North Carolina

Tell us a little about yourself: (This could be your age, your University, a few hobbies, etc.): Well I just recently turned 21 and I'll be going on my final year of college for my B.A in Restaurant, Food and Beverage Management. I eventually want to start my own cafe/coffee shop that showcases local artist plus great coffee and food, but in the mean time I'm thinking of expanding my etsy shop. I enjoy drawing, painting, making jewelry, reading and checking out thrift stores when I get the chance. I'm a pretty laid back person that likes hanging out with close friends and just talking.

What is your favorite vintage find? I have so many good finds, I'm surprised at how cheap I got some of these amazing items. If I had to choose one it has to be the small sliding credenza I got for only $10. I checked out my usual thrift store that has good furniture and they were using it to showcase some hideous 80's lamps. When I asked the price I was surprised, I was expecting to haggle down. The funny thing was she actually asked if $10 was too much, of course I said it wasn't but I probably could have gotten it cheaper. I was gitty as a school girl when I got it in the house :) It has some minor injuries but nothing I can't fix. I plan on using it as a t.v console once I find something to replace it as being our catch all table. 
What tips do you have any tips for any amateur vintage seekers reading? There are so many but here are some basic ones for those that are new to thrifting. Don't give up on your first try; just because you don't find the ultimate find on the first stop doesn't mean you won't find something at another store or on a different day. Check out stores after the donation day; usually thrift stores have a day they usually close to receive shipments so they should be stocked the next day with goodies. Think outside the box; look for things you can upcycle example the $1 cat planter I found may look a little creepy but with a can of spray paint it'll look like I bought it from Modcloth or Urbanoutfitters. Lastly find the thrift stores that fit you; I look for furniture a lot so I know what thrift store that offer furniture and which ones stick to clothing. 
How can you tell whether a vintage find is retro chic, or just needs to be retired? I believe it is in the eye of the beholder in this case. Sometimes you can definitively spot the retired items but sometimes the ones that look retired simple need some love and care. There are a few things I wish I had now that I dismissed as a teen when I'd check out thrift stores. If you like it and fits your style (or you know you can make it better) get it and never look back!

What are a few of your favorite places to buy vintage?  Christen Ministries has some furniture, vintage fabrics cute knic-knacks and such for a decent price. There is a locally owned place that I've had good luck with furniture plus it's in an old hardware store so they have marked down wood stains and little tools for sale. I also check Goodwill for clothing and accessories when I get the chance.

*Optional -Tell us about your blog: (purpose/mission statement of your blog)

I actually started this blog as a interior design blog but I felt it was a bit more than just that. I still do post about decorating the apartment and similar post, but I mix it with projects and personal post. I love sharing project ideas and such to show others that they can be creative too.
Anything else? (you can tell viewers where they can find you online, any encouraging words, etc)
If you want to know more about me feel free to check out my 21 Things project that I just finished. I also have an etsy shop called Craft'n Bettie I started up at the beginning of this year. I've been going through some changes and trying to find what my style is and what I want for the store. Also I have a Facebook and Twitter account that I use to share information on both the blog and shop.

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Thank you so much Bree for having me over on your blog!

-Amber P.

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