Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Jo from Lost in the Haze

Hello everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the minor changes to the website! Anyways, last week, I had the please of speaking with Jo from a very popular blog, Lost in the Haze! She was unfortunately too busy for a full interview; however she did give me permission to use information from her blog. Check this girl out!
"My name is Jo and I’m a twenty-two year old living in the city of Christchurch, 
New Zealand. I’ve been living here almost six years, after growing up in Brunei
 in South-East Asia.
I love the 1960s, the 1970s, vintage shopping (as often as I can!), cat 
print clothing, bowler hats, Alexa Chung, button back blouses, pan collars, 
hearts, floral wallpaper, going on adventures, visiting scenic places, 
smelling flowers, braiding my hair, floral crowns, relaxing in the sunshine, 
swimming, paper planes, arts and crafts, lilypads, sunflower print, blush, 
dressing like a sailor, cupcakes, climbing trees, amongst many other things!" 
Quoted from Lost in the Haze
Like this beautiful dress Jo is wearing? Well she is giving it away! 
Enter for a chance to win in here!


Anonymous said...

great post!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too, and in response to your comment about eating in Barcelona; We just ate on the cruise so we had more time to look around, but we did stop for a quick drink at a random little cafe in one of the side streets of Las Ramblas, the main tourist area, which was nice. This excursion lady on the cruise said to not bother going for food/drinks actually on Las Ramblas, as it's way over priced, instead head down the little side streets, which is where you will see all the locals stopping for lunch. There were plenty places to go though :)

I'm a new follower too! :)

Alice x

Carla Matos said...

I love the post.
Thanks for your comment ;)
Now, i'm following your blog

Bookish.Spazz said...

Jo seems pretty cool :)

Marella said...

Amazing pics!