Friday, September 7, 2012

Because I'm Nerdy

I have rapidly turned into a big science geek, now that I am officially a Biology Major! My course load this semester are the following classes: Zoology; Animal Behavior; Ecology; and Organic Chemistry. I can't even count anymore how many people's jaws have dropped after I tell them what I'm taking; however, I very much so prefer my schedule this semester than any other semester I've had here! I love knowing why things work the way that they do, so these classes are what I've been waiting for my whole school career! Ahhhhhh! I'm so glad that I am comfortable sharing the nerdy side of myself. And now that the cat is out of the bag, I can finally share all of my nerdy finds!

1. Mitosis nom-noms!
Eeeeep! I plan on making these as soon as I can!

2. Genetic Humor
Oh, the play on words just slay me!

3. A Beautiful love note.
ohhh biology
Matt (my boyfriend) could use this line on me any day =)

4. Bathroom Biology Humor
Who doesn't love a dirty Biology joke?
Who doesn't enjoy a little bathroom biology humor every now and then?
What's your nerdiest moment? I just shared at least 4 of mine =)
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Anonymous said...

I love those cookie! There's a bit of nerd in everyone =)

the sweetest girl. said...

haha i love this!!

<3 jaz

jessica-anne said...

Those little cakes are so funny, brings me back to when I studied chemistry in high school XD

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