Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-New Years Resolution Challenge/ Mission: Socialite

Hello, Everyone! I have decided that I need to make a pre-resolution, and I would love to invite you to join me! This pre-resolution has been inspired by my recent decision on working my way up to socialite status in my city, Charlotte, NC. Why do I all of a sudden want to become a socialite? It's not so that I can be invited to all of the best parties or top restaurants, or anything. It's for the sake of my non-profit organization, Party For Autism. I feel that in order for Party For Autism to have the most success, it needs a well known leader standing behind it. Therefore, I will be dedicating my time in becoming a socialite, and showing you guys every step of the way!
First step on the socialite checklist is outward appearance and inward health. I have been struggling with 5-10 pounds in my mid section that I would love to finally get rid of in my mid section. Therefore, I have put together a health plan that will help me beautify both my insides and my outsides! 
Current Statistics:

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 134.5 lb 
Waist: 30 inches
Goal Weight: 127 by January 6th
Goal Waist: 27 inches by January 6th
Below is the diet plan that I have been following. I've been on the diet already for 3 days, and I started at 137, so I think it's working! It could just be water weight though.
Here are the rules for Joining my Socialite Diet Challenge:

Two Week Diet Challenge:
*Calorie intake: between 1250-1400 calories per day
 (it is unhealthy for women to eat less that 1000 calories a day, so don't modify this too much!)
*No Meat- I am allowed one cheat on Christmas though ;)
*2.5-3 litres of water
* split calories into 5-6 meals a day (3 meals and 2 snacks)
*No Fast Food (no exceptions!)

Some foods that I have included to my diet are Special K cereals, Special K protein bars, yogurt, cheese and crackers, and fruits. The biggest thing that has helped me so far is writing down everything that I eat and the calories that go with each item. That way, at the end of the day, if I'm short a few calories, I can sneak in a piece of chocolate! Yum!

Two Week Exercise Challenge:
I have decided that since I am a dancer at heart, the best exercise for me is Zumba! Plus, on the forum boards that I've read, woman have reported losing more than 1000 calories from 1 hour of intense Zumba. The only problem, is that I'm not a member of any gym, and don't have the money to do so. Therefore, I have resorted to the wonderful world of Youtube! Below are my two favorite Brazillian Zumba videos on youtube that I put on repeat and do for 2 hours a day; one hour early in the day, one hour in the evening.
The teacher's name is Helio, and he is amazing!

Anyone up for my challenge? If so, I would love to do check-ins, and possibly have a prize for the winner ;)
*I will also be launching a new series called Mission: Socialite that will give you guys the tricks that I'm using in my hopes of becoming a local socialite!

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love out loud said...

I love Zumba! Always seems to kick my butt!

SusuanaLove said...

Good luck! xx

Meredith Jessica said...

Gurl, you already look beautiful and healthy. No harm in getting in shape but don't feel like you need to lose weight because you don't! I love Zumba though, I'm not very good at it but my god is it ever fun!

K said...

Health is great, definitely be good about all of this! You look beautiful without any change :)
ZUMBA is AMAZING. I'd definitely get into that.


Mikimoto Angel said...

I have yet to learn what Zumba is. Hehe I would also want to join you in your pre-resolution. :-)

Merry Christmas and Much love from Mystic Nymph.