Monday, November 7, 2011

The Small World Project- Re post!

*This is a re-post* =)
As some of you know, over the summer, I gave up Facebook because I was tired of internet interaction instead of face to face time with the people that I care about. I feel that social media websites can sometimes take the "personal" out of personal relationships. Therefore, to take a small step into a more personal mode of communication, I have proposed The Small World Project, a personal monthly snail-mail relationship between bloggers.

Four (4) Bloggers, and myself, will sign up by email on a rotation to send creative snail mails to each of the other bloggers, once per week. This group snail mail swap will continue for the entire month and then trade off with four new bloggers!
Each month's project will have different requirements; however the continuous thing between each project is that the letter must be handwritten, NOT TYPED. Also the letter may not be on a regular piece of white paper alone. The letter can be in the form of a card, on a magazine collage or a self-made painting, etc. The letter can be on white paper, as long as it is adorned in some way. 
Also, each project must include something personal from the writer. This could be a favorite recipe, a quote from a song, a picture, a postcard, etc. 
This Small World Project will begin the beginning of October. The questions for this upcoming month's Project are:

*Only rule for The Small World Project: You must own a blog. This will act as an easy screening process in keeping everybody safe ;)

I am very passionate about this project because I think that it will be so cool to know that someone across the continent will have personal information about me. Plus, I can't wait to receive my first letter so that I can get to know someone else! There are so many people on this earth, yet somehow, many people are still lonely. I know that this project won't solve that issue for everyone; however, it's a small step in making our world smaller.

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Amanda Nguyen said...

wow, this is such a fun and unique project!! great job in keeping it up!! I love getting snail mail...always has a personal touch to it!


Andrea said...

nice idea :)

Lady Fur said...

♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
from your follower! ♡

Mikimoto Angel said...

This is such a very interesting project, I swear! Better than Facebook interaction indeed. How I wish I can also join the fun. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Anonymous said...

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