Friday, November 4, 2011

The Small World Project-Katia

Hello everyone! I am back to share with you another one of my super duper, amazing participants of the small world project, Katia! After reading her interview, check out her blog! Also, make sure to check out her art blog, Love Potato. This girl is brilliant!
Current Location:
Toronto, in Canada! Just hanging out at home!

Tell us a little about yourself:(age, school, hobbie, whatever you feel like sharing)
My name is Katia (durr) and I'm currently a design student studying Illustration in university! This pretty much sums up my hobbies too - drawing, painting, creating. I write, I knit, I do all sorts of artsy creative things, I sometimes lose count! On the other end of the hobby-spectrum however, I really love running/jogging! Because I have such a wide range of hobbies and things I love to do, I tend to keep myself extremely busy and take on far too many projects - but that's okay, I love it, I love accomplishing so many things even if they're super little things! I can be a workaholic, but I can be lazy too. I can be a total stay-at-home-and-play-video-games geek, but I also love going out with my friends. I guess I'm just a big mix of everything :)

Tell us about your blog:
Which one?!! Hahaha, the blog I put the most focus on at the moment is Kitty Snooks (my other is Love Potatoe). Kitty Snooks started as a feel-good project for me, something positive for me to focus on. The name "Kitty Snooks" comes from two nicknames that friends have given me, and I thought they sounded rather cute together so I stuck with it! It's basically a personal/lifestyle/fashion blog, though I rarely find the time for outfit pictures - being a student and balancing a social life, school work, a job, and all my hobbies can get really hectic (But so fun!). It's kind of a silly place for me to post my thoughts and hope that maybe someone will find something enjoyable or helpful out of it :)

What inspired you to join The Small World Project?
I have always, always wanted a pen pal. I LOVE LETTERS. My favourite part about going to summer camps when I was younger was always getting and sending letters home! Even though I was unable to participate with mail, and had to receive emails, I still absolutely loved writing out my letters to everyone else and imagining them opening up the letters and having my written words with them all the way wherever they are! 
What is your definition of cool?
Cool to me is different for each person. Everyone has something special that makes them cool - whether they let that part of them thrive or not is a different story. I find that a person's 'cool' side shines through the most when they are humble, natural, true-to-themselves people who see the world positively. It also depends greatly on how they treat other people, if they are kind-hearted and caring and considerate or not. Meaning that loud can be totally cool, quiet can be totally cool, outrageous can be totally cool, reserved can be totally cool, it doesn't matter at all so long as you're always REAL and KIND. 

How do  you fit this definition? What makes you cool?
I don't know if I'd call myself cool! I'm actually a total geek in so many ways, but I guess I always try to be kind towards others and am always considering others' feelings whether I know them well or not. I also try to be myself as much as possible, even if that means geeking out at pictures of cute puppies in class, or laughing until I go beat-red and something funny I saw while looking out the window, in front of all my classmates and my profs. 

Who inspires you to be cool?
My friends. I have this amazing group of friends from highschool who I learned to be myself with. They can be the biggest group of 5 year olds, we would make faces at each other from across the room in classes, we'd make up silly nicknames for each other, but we'd also all support each other and stick by one another when we went through rough patches. Now, in university and still as close as ever, I know that these are REAL people, and that's the ultimate cool :)

If your life could have a theme song or a motto, what would it be?
"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you a tough situation, make the best of it."
I sort of worked that one out in my head years back when I was going through some rough stuff, and since then it's helped me through every other rough patch I've been through!

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