Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool People Need...Cool Music Videos!

Have you ever came across a music video that has made you say "Wow!!!"? One that either has a great concept, or one that is just flippin' cool? Well here are two that make me go "jdslgh;iesdhg;oiujgoidugijas;oij!" haha
Enjoy ;)

Ok go- This too shall pass

The xx- Island (I had to watch this video twice to fall in love. It's quite beautiful when you listen to the lyrics as well)

Please Share your favorite videos in the comments!!!


Lowri said...

Love the first video!! I remember seeing something about it on a TV show.. then just forgot it existed.. so glad you posted this :)


brittany leigh said...

the islands video is beautiful! great picks. i miss when they actually use to play music videos on tv!