Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your Hand Marks Are Permanent

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know about the Anti-Bullying Campaign Party  For Autism is doing for children with special needs. Here is the excerpt written on our website:

"“Children with special needs are ten times more likely to be bullied than other kids.” This statistic is what made our CEO, Bree Law, start Party For Autism. After witnessing a classmate be pushed around and humiliated on a high school bus without anyone stepping in to stop the violent acts, Law knew that she had to do something, not only for her classmate, but for other people with special needs that are bullied on a daily basis, and have no one to turn to. Then rose the “Your Hand Marks are Permanent” Campaign, that will be starting at UNC Charlotte the week of April 23rd. Posters will be hung around the university’s campus, as well as an awareness wall in the student union that will display the signatures of students who vow to bring awareness to the issue."

This campaign will be going on all year, and hopefully the years to come to bring awareness and hopefully a solution to this problem. As CEO of Party For Autism, I would like to invite all of my fellow bloggers to publicly join our campaign, the best way us bloggers know how: by picture! 

Here are the instructions:
1. Take a picture of yourself with a painted hand mark on your face (the paint can be any color), like so...
2. Send the picture to and say that you give us permission to use your picture of and
And that's it!
I appreciate in advance anyone who vows to join our campaign. This awareness will hopefully show these children that they are not alone in their every day struggles.
If we get more than 50 bloggers to join our campaign by May 30th, we will send 1 child with special needs to our week long summer camp, Camp Darrell FOR FREE!

Read More about the "Your Hand Marks Are Permanent" Campaign here.
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Robots in Trouble said...

omg... you look so adorable! i think i'll try this one out. no promises though because i may forget :[

anyway, this is such a good idea though. i know so many people that made fun of people with disabilities and it makes me sick to my stomach that they're doing it. it hurts. i mean, i was bullied so many times in school too. since i came here in the us when i was a child, i had the most ridiculous filipino accent, and people made fun of me because i guess i was different :/

Katia said...

Bullying, bullying directed at people with special needs especially, strikes a chord in me and I would love to participate by sending a picture like this! I'll try to come up with one soon and send it in ASAP!

Keep up the amazin work with this organization :)

Diasia said...

this is a great campaign im hoping to join just need to find some pain!

Jen Kluftinger said...

Great campaign idea, and a really great cause! Glad I found your blog today.. I'll be following for sure!


Shelby said...

Hi there! I used to run the blog Sweet Confessions, but I've since changed the name. Would you mind updating my button on your page?

Thanks girl!
Shelby xoxo

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