Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holi Moli!

I am so excited! My school, thanks to my fellow members on the Campus Activities Board, have finally accepted the tradition of Holi, a Hindu "Festival of Colors" to bring in the Spring! We were suppose to do this event last week; however due to rain, we had to cancel it. But I am so excited for tomorrow! I have loved the idea of Holi ever since I heard the "Soni Soni" song below. Our Holi festival won't be as amazing as the the video below though, well maybe minus the awesome choreography!
Here's a video of when Chapel Hill did Holi Moli a few weeks ago. I'll make sure I post pictures from today!

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SusuanaLove said...

This is so awesome i wish my uni did this


Krys said...

Omg! I wish too

Katia said...

Going to third those comments and say I wish my school did this, it looks absolutely freakin' fantastic!


brittany leigh said...

ive read about the festival of colors before, looks so amazing!


Robots in Trouble said...

i just found out about this a week ago and i wish there was a place where i can celebrate this too. it sounds soooooo freaking fun!

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