Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy Shop-Zwzzy

Vintage Farm Girl Dress Bright Cherry Red White Checkered Costume Lolita Dress - Medium
1960s Gingham Mini Dress - Spring Fashion in Light Pastel Lemon Yellow and White - Small 
Hi Everyone! I back with my Etsy Shop Favorite of the week! Zwzzy is a collection of cute vintage clothing. The collection includes pieces from the '40s through the '80s. I absolutely adore this girl's style and grace! Check out a few of my favorites below:
Vintage Faux Fur Hat - Marbled Ski Bunny - Small White Winter 
1960s Tunic Dress Pastel Colorful Embroidered Floral Picnic Dress Large Spring Fashion 
Vintage Nurse Dress - Pure White Medical Style A-Line Dress - Small
Mini Floral Dress - Vintage 1960s Bell Sleeve Dress - Medium 
1960s Black and White Dress - Ruffle Trim Tunic - Large
Vintage Jack Bryan Dress - Cocktail Ice Queen Blue Fashion Size Large Winter Holiday Fashion 
Vintage Lolita Dress - Square Dance Full Circle Skirt in Plaid - Medium
Their styles are amazing! I'm kind of in love! Make sure to follow the store on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zwzzy

Which ones are your favorites? 
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lazy explorers said...

That floral dress is so perfect. I love it.

K said...

Super cool clothes, and really fun silly pictures! Love it, thanks for sharing :D


brittany leigh said...

i love all of these pieces, and the styling is so fun! great shop :)



Julia said...

Love vintage look!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the last one!!!!!!!!1

Md Solaiman Hossain said...

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Clipping Solutions said...

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