Monday, December 5, 2011

Etsy Shop-UgChugs

Hi Everyone! Today I am sharing a Etsy shop that I found and immediately fell in love with! UgChugs is a Etsy Shop that features the most unique expression mugs that I've ever seen! Owners, Chad and Meghan Nelson are a married couple that decided to quit their jobs to open up an art studio. These two people have to be some of my favorite people in the world, especially after reading their blog! Check out a few of my favorite items below: 
Coffee Mug Soup Bowl
Pottery Cup, Blue Super Hero, Batgirl
Couple Gift, His and Her Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mug Dentist Gift
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Sakuranko said...

These cups are really funny and cute ...

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Amber said...

I love handmade mugs and these are just too funny! There is a charity event at the local pottery place in downtown Lincolnton where you pay $10 for a homemade mug that you can fill with coffee, tea, etc and they have free desserts. Proceeds go to help out the local humane society . There are mugs that look similar to those and they always are the first to go!

My mom and I joke have an inside joke about the mug she got one year that just said "Gary" on the bottom. Now when we go we always looking for the mugs made by Gary lol.

xo Amber P.

Mary said...

They're so cute!

Bree said...

Amber that is so cool! I've never heard of such a thing, but i wish their was one of these events in Charlotte! I am so happy that I found these mugs, though! I wonder what was up with the "Gary" mug lol at least you have a new inside joke! haha

Anonymous said...

so cool! I want one!

Bree said...

so do I!

brittany leigh said...

awe these are adorable! great finds :)



K said...

They remind me of that one rusty tow truck from the movie Cars!
SO adorable!


Anonymous said...

I went to high school with them and I can not wait to go to their art shop and buy one!! That are so cute I want one for my dad!!