Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration-RubySnap Cookies

Hello, everyone! It's time for me to brighten your Wednesday with some cool inspiration.

RubySnap Cookies
I found out about these cookies on another blog and I cannot wait to order some! There is unfortunately not a store close to me, therefore, I will be ordering these bad boys online! She gives the option of mailing the dough or baked & boxed cookies. I will probably order the already baked cookies so that I can get the full effect!
I also love the fact that she gives here cookies names and characters!

The Aubrey

The Susie

The Lily

When I buy these, I plan to make a review =) Which ones do you think I should try?

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Mikimoto Angel said...

Awww... Those cookies esp The Susie and The Lily are very mouth-watering to look at. Too bad I couldn't taste them. All I can do is to ask Mom to bake some for us. :-D

brittany leigh said...

i think the Lily's look amazing! let us know which ones you choose!


Luciana said...

I want to eat all :)

Anonymous said...

:O they all look so delicious! I love the look of The Susie ones

Alice x

Amber said...

I think the Lily cookies look tasty!!


Dana Paramita said...

aw it looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

oooooo how yummy!