Monday, August 15, 2011

Party Inspiration- Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations Pack for 12
Hello, everyone! As summer comes to an end, I know many of us will want to celebrate the last days with family and friends as they come into town. Well, I am here to help with a little party inspiration.
When I was a little girl, I was the biggest tomboy; however, for some reason, I always wanted to have a tea party. Maybe the idea of a tea party came from the multitude of Disney Movies that featured little girls sitting around a circular table with Mr. Teddy Bear, Fluffy and Barbie, enjoying the finest cup of imaginary tea. Well the tea party that stuck out to me the most was the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. How great would it be to recreate that!

Why this party would be a hit: Tea isn't for little girls anymore. Not only is a tea party fun to have, but tea is really good for you, as well. You could brew several types of tea, have guest dress up and pair the tea with a few of your favorite desserts.

The Tea: Make sure that you choose a light and fruity tea, to keep the summer theme in mind!
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations Pack for 12
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations Pack for 12

Food Ideas via 4men1lady
Of course, for a Tea Party, you will need an amazing teapot!
Teapot Whimsical Handpainted, Glazed kiln fired Ceramic Teapot

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Anonymous said...

fantastic photos !

Klaudia B.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Weeee! I'd love to have a tea party too! you're right, I got that idea first in Disney movies. A tea party would be a perfect way to round up my circle of girl friends. :-)

Much love Mystic Nymph

Myrted said...

Yep, that idea is superb! I wish i'd get my girlfriends do this activity. ;P

Krys said...

Very Creative party idea! I love how those frames and mirrors are set up behind the desserts table.

BTW, I received my travel case yesterday, and I love it! Once again, Thank You! :) I'm in love with the mirror inside of it lol

Mariana said...

Hey, I'm following you of course! :)
I loved your blog and... I don't even want to think about the end of the summer :(
Are you really from North Carolina? :O


Mariana said...

And, by the way, I loved the post! :)

Gemma-Louise said...

I love tea and what a great idea to have a themed tea party.

Thankyou for the nice comments on my blog and for the follow, I'm now following you back :)


Mariana said...

You're welcome :D
Wow, I've always wondered what is it like to live in the USA... specially in North Carolina, I hear a lot about it!
I'm from Portugal, do you know where it is? :p


Bree said...

Thank you all! And Krys, how exciting!!! Yay!!!

Mariana said...

I'd definetly LOVE to spend some days over there!
And yes, Portugal is right next to Spain... I live in Oporto and I can guarantee you that you wouldn't regret spending some time here, it is really nice! Here in Oporto we have LOTS of tourists every year... :)

Anna-Alina said...

Hi)Great post!
I like Alice in Wonderland!♥
I follow you, follow me?

minnja said...

Yeah, let's follow each other.

I follow you via google friend now.

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B.Inspired said...

I love tea parties! In fact I held one right around the holidays, the girls all had to come dressed in either hat, gloves, or pearls and we had treats to eat and irish coffee with bailey's. It was a fantastic time :) So you should definitely host it!

Robots in Trouble said...

*sigh* this is like a dream. i feel hosting a tea party now thanks to you!

-Robots in Trouble

Diane said...

this post is insaneeeeelyyy coool!!!!! i need to do this one day! the invitations are sooooo cute!!

Luciana.18 said...

I really like your blog, he is very funny and cool :)
I love the pictures!
I'm following..

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

This post is awesome!!

Yeah course we can! :) i follow you now :)


Meredith Jessica said...

Very cute idea!

Flara said...

awesome photos:) very nice post:)

Amber said...

Such a cute idea and I love the food display idea with the mirrors. I was the same way, tomboyish but I still wanted a tea party and such.


Beezy said...

Such a cute blog you have here :] How'd you get your page to look so awesome?!! Thanks for coming by mine! Since I just started mine doesnt look as cool as yours! Do get sponsored or anything? Since I see you have a couple of ads.

Dana Paramita said...

amazing photos sweety :)
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Dana Paramita said...

ofc! im your newest follower then follow me back sweety :)

HeyDahye said...

Those invites are one of a kind!! So cute!

Katie said...

ahh! i love!!!!

Bad Joan said...

Such a cute idea! Love the teapot!


Carrie said...

aww, how adorable. this is such a great idea! i really like the invitations. very creative.

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Louisa said...

this is such a a cute idea!

i really like your blog, i am now following!


Desiree♥ said...

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sabrina maida said...

fantastic photo, really like it.
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I LOVE this party inspiration hun, cute + fun! I'm also liking your blog too so I'm following you, hope you'll pop over and follow me too!

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