Friday, August 19, 2011

Featured Friday!-Lillie

Hello everyone! I'm here with another Featured Friday! I had the pleasure of interviewing the DIY princess, Lillie of Threads N Ends and also go permission to share one of her cool DIY T-shirts on my blog! Let's see what she has to say!
Current Location:City, State, Country or just State or Country
I live in a town in South London and have done all my life. I love living in the city and being so close to everything!

Tell us a little about yourself: (This could be your age, your University, a few hobbies, etc.)
My name is Lillie and I'm twenty years old, soon to be the big ol' two - one! In October I'll be starting my third year at drama school in London. I study at Central School of Speech and Drama in North London. The work load can be a mother f at points (if you'll excuse my foul language!) and doesn't leave me much time to do much else. I told myself that when I had a bit of time in the summer I would start a fashion blog because I'd actually have time to sit and write what I want instead of worry about dealines for university projects. Writing is a brilliant thing and something I really enjoy doing anyway, I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they write! I love shopping, like most girls I'm sure, but just don't have the storage space for all of my bloody clothes! If someone would like to extend my house and fit in a walk in wardrobe I'd be most obliged! I also love music and going and seeing bands, a few of my favourites are Alkaline Trio, Vampire Weekend, and Animal Collective.

Tell us about your blog: (purpose/mission statement of your blog)
I've only just recently started my blog but when I thought about what I'd originally like to write about I thought about the things that I like to read on other people's blogs first. I love seeing tutorials and DIY creations and seeing the process of making things for very little money but a lot of creativity. I also wanted to use my blog as a way of documenting what I'm doing on a purely personal level. I suppose this thought came about last week when I thought back to some of the months earlier this year and literally couldn't remember a single thing that happened in some of them.  This worried me so much and I thought that perhaps by writing a blog I'd be documenting what I'm up to as a visual reminder for myself that events did happen so they are not forgotten! Through my blog I suppose I want to highlight the importance of dressing how you like and it doesn't have to cost the world, you can make things yourself, there are charity shops and some of the best looks out there, I think, are ones that are just thrown together or look like you've just raided your Grandma's wardrobe for her vintage dresses and shoes ! Not that I'm encouraging theft in the family. Always ask your Granny first.

What is your definition of cool?
I think having your own identity and not caring what other people think or caring about how other people see you is being cool. Oh and maybe more importantly- having manners and respecting other people makes you cool.

How do you fit this definition?
Haha, I like to think I'm well mannered and respectful as much as possible. Please and thank you's cost nothing but go a long way. I'm working on not caring about what other people think, but you have to have some thick-ass skin for something like that!
Anything else?
You can find my blog at . I would encourage anyone who wants to start writing a blog to do one, it's a great way to connect with other like minded people and to get tips and be inspired all from the comfort of your computer chair!

Lillie also has a cool tutorial on how to make this cool Galaxy shirt! 
Check it out here!

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Amber said...

Love the galaxy shirt and bag! Her blog is so neat :)


Lowri said...

Love the galaxy tee!! Heading over to have a nose at her blog now :)


jill said...

ooh, I love galaxy designs. I have to try this!

x. jill

Mikimoto Angel said...

Lillie is absolutely an interesting lady. She's very creative. I want to be like her. I love her galaxy designs by the way. Send my regards to her, Ms. Bree! :-)

Ioana Liliana said...

Great feature! Love the galaxy print too, of course!


Daisy said...

omg you are so adorable and adventurous lol ohh i cant wait to try your tutorial i have so many plain t's now i have something to do with them!!!

Ask Erena said...

That galaxy shirt looks great!
Ask Erena

Mary said...

Great post and great interview!!
Lillie is so creative!I love the galaxy tee:)
Have a great weekend

zizi bloom said...

i follow you back!

sjmwell said...

love lillie's blog!


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

WHATTTT!?!?!? i have GOT to try this!