Friday, July 8, 2011

International Featured Friday!- Andrea

Hello, my lovely readers!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely, well-known blogger Andrea of Star-Light`s Fashion-World! I was so surprised and honored that she  agreed to do an interview! Our feature of the day comes from Germany! Let's see what the lovely Andrea has to say:

Current Location:
I live in a City with about 160.000 Inhabitants in a Federal State called Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany.It´s okay here but a bigger City would be better :)

Tell us a little about yourself:
I just turned 28 in May. My biggest Hobby is really my Blog and Fashion so i read a lot of Magazines,watch Fashion Movies and soon i will start with a couple of DIY. I want to buy a sewing Machine soon because i have a couple of Ideas and i want to make my own Clothes.
My other Hobbies are Movies,Music and my Cat! I love reading Books and i spend Hours in the Library.What i really should do very soon is Sport :)

Tell us about your blog:
The most important thing for me is Fun. I just love to make Pictures,wirte the Text and search for new Trends. I love to read all the lovely Comments and check out other Blogs..i really spend Hours doing this! I just hope that many People like my Blog and if i am able to inspire them or just make them Smile -that´s my Goal :)

What is your definition of cool?
My Definition of cool when it comes to Fashion is being effortlessly chic.
I am always so impressed by Models or Bloggers or just “normal“ People who look perfect without looking like a so called Fashion Victim. They maybe wear the latest Trends but there is always a personal Style in it.And i think Personality is the most important Thing.

How do  you fit this definition? What makes you cool?
Well i always add something of my own Taste and Style to an Outfit.I would never copy something from another Person or a Magazine 100 %. Maybe i just change Shoes or Colours but i love to be different. And that´s the Benefit of living in a „small“ Town: I have NEVER seen another Person in my Clothes. I shop at H&M so many People have sometimes the same Clothes..but not in my City so i am unique there :D

Who inspires you to be cool?
I have many Style Icons.I feel inspired by everything: Art,Smells,Cities,Movies,Music...
I love the Style of Sienna Miller,Lindsay Lohan and Kate Bosworth.The Olsen Twins are awesome too and Keira Knightley because i am so skinny like her :D
But i follow so many amazing Blogs like Style of a Fashionista,Fashion Zen,Brooklyn Blonde,The Black Maze and Style Scrapbook. So like the greatest Karl Lagerfeld said: „Inspiration is everywhere.“

If your life could have a theme song, what would it be?
That´s a really difficult Question.
I think it would be a Medley out of Aerosmith´s "Crazy",Red Hot Chili Peppers´ "Give it Away" and Lady GaGa´s "Fashion" :)

Anything else?
You can find me on many Websites :)
I am on Chictopia,Chicisimo, and Fashiolista.
You can follow me via Goggle,Bloglovin´,Fashionfreax and Twitter.
Questions can be asked on Formspring.
And i have a Blog and a Private Account on Facebook-you can add both if you want for more Daily Updates!
All the Links can be found on my Blog. Feel free to contact me :)

I just want to say to everyone to be brave and don´t listen to other People and dress the Way you like it because just one Person has to be happy with it and that is YOU!


Carrymel said...

I love that dreamcatcher hanging from her shorts! I've never seen that before. .

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of her, she looks so cute.


Silkybow said...

wow I your outfits, especially the first one! :) the dress looks so nice.

Andrea said...

ahhh i was SO LAZY with my blog and other blogs...i saw this just now.. :D

yaay thank you :))