Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Mondays- Theophilus London

Hello everyone! I'm back again to feed your inner music monkey ;)
This week, I want to focus on a particular music video by Theophilus London. The music video, Flying Overseas has to be one of my favorite music videos ever for a rap artist! First off, the song is so soothing and perfect for summer. It also features, Solange Knowles, who is an amazing singer! Now back to the music video, I love the woman that he features as his love interest in the video! In most hip hop videos, women with fair skin and long hair are featured and are barely clothed, and those women are viewed as beautiful. However, in this music video, his love interest is a women with glowing dark skin, and a buzz cut. And she is absolutely stunning! I'm actually a bit jealous at how fabulous she looks!

What do you think of the music video?


Francesca R said...

FABULOUS!!! I love this video!

Red Reidinghood said...

Amazing video!
Thanks for your lovely comment and for following me, dear!
I'll follow you back!


Anonymous said...

I adore this music video! You're right, she is gorgeous!!!

SarahBerry93 said...

This is amazing!

krenee said...

Such a dreamy video..and you're right she's gorgeous !

CollegeCurl13 said...

I'm glad that you guys like it ;)