Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First day of June

This is for June, and all the summers it brings
For the chiming of bells.....from a steeple ring 
Olde songs of wedlock over top hat, and lace
'Fore June passes torch, to July's scarlet face 

Trees are full jackets, in multi-shades of green 
The last pink magnolia leaf.....still can be seen 
Theres a breeze in the air, that carries a scent
Of her sweet honeysuckle......full efflorescence

Still nights cast a chill, but June has its motives
An inviting warm flame...bright amorous votive
Moonlite romance, 'neath a nautic June breeze
Makes love in June sparkle, by shore or by sea 

by Frank James Ryan, Jr.


Anonymous said...

That picture is stunning!

krenee said...

Aaah, moonlight romance :]