Friday, June 17, 2011

Featured Friday!- Laura

Hello, my lovely readers! This is our second feature of the day! How exciting! I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura of Never Forgotten Fantasy last week and I found out that we have a lot in common; we both love dancing (and I have just recently began Irish dancing like she has been doing for years) and we have similar music taste! Laura is such a sweetheart and is an amazingly cool person! Let's see what she has to say:

Current Location: Esparto, California.

Tell us a little about yourself:
  I'm 20 years old and live in Esparto, California. I'm a college student striving to create unique items that express my love for fantasy and the world of Faery. In my free time I'm mostly dancing, drawing/painting, creating jewelry, or reading from my favorite author Charles de Lint. I'm hoping that my Etsy shop will attract those who also share a love for all things magical, or simply want a little piece of magic in their lives. I must admit that I suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome and find myself not wanting to grow up. Creating jewelry, as well as drawing, seem to help the ever curious and adventurous child in me while keeping me level headed in the "grown-up" world.

What is your definition of cool?
 "Cool" varies between every type of person; rather, they have a unique and beautiful ability to share with the world. Cool is the ability to see all things in a different light, as well as find happiness and strength when all things seem dark. Basically, "cool" is what radiates from a one's personality; it's the "pixie dust" and natural embodiment that sets you aside from everyone else. 

How do you fit this definition? What makes you cool?
 I feel so strange calling myself cool, but the skills I am proud of would be my love and devotion to dancing. I have done ballet for twelve years as well as taught it, and am also an Irish dancer with a teaching background. I love both with a passion, and find they are as important as breathing. Dancing, and my artwork, give me the ability to express myself when words aren't enough. I feel strong and confident because I know that I can always rely on dancing and creating pictures to keep my spirits high. I am balanced and am happy with who I am, and always remain hopeful towards my future.

Who inspires you to be cool?
There are so many people who I find to be inspirational! I feel so lucky because I have also been able to meet my role models in person. For one, I would have to say Brian Froud; he is the master of all things Faery. I am also inspired by Schin Loong and Renea Taylor for their indescribable artistic talent. My jewelry was inspired by Courtney Keene in a trip to Faerieworlds in Oregon; and for dancing, I have to say it would be Michael Flatley. He is the Lord of the Dance after all ;). Someday, I hope to aspire and reach even the slightest talent from these artists, and hopefully be encouraging to others as well. Although, the crown for inspiration undoubtedly belongs to my mom! Without her, most of my dreams would have been much harder to reach. She is my motivation and rock; I would be lost without her.

If your life could have a theme song, what would it be?
I believe my theme song would have to be Unbreakable by the band Fireflight. It expresses so many challenges we face, and how one can only come out of trials stronger. There is also the background which states that you can do anything with the help of Jesus; a spirit on fire is unstoppable and unbreakable. One should never let fear and doubt cloud what they want most in life; if you're following your dream, then I believe you are also following your purpose.

Anything else?
I hope this was insightful on both me, and my shop! I am fairly new to Etsy, but I see it going well in the future! A word of advice would be to never doubt yourself or your creations! There is a place out there for everyone, so stand tall and proud of you you are and what you have to offer. You have so much to give and the world is anxious to see what treasures you have in store!
    You can visit my shop here on Etsy, as well as visit my small facebook page link found in my shop profile. I hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for her GIVEAWAY that will start at 12:01 PM today!


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