Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cool People Need...Cool Dances

Recently, thanks to a semester class that I took, I've really started to appreciate dance more, especially Irish Traditional Dance and Sean-Nos dancing. On my bucket list, I plan to travel to Ireland one day and dance in a Ceili (Kay-Lee) Dance, and then drink like the Irish do! Why Irish Step Dance is amazing: You really get an amazing work out! After taking that class, I have a whole new respect for the work that goes into Irish Dance.  Also, like other dances, Irish Dance is a representation of the dancer's culture. My dance instructor said that she could tell where an Irish person was from or where they learned their dance technique based on the way that they danced! I also believe that the fashion is amazing, from the carefully designed dresses, to the special socks and shoes that they wear! Now, I know that not all of you are going to want to get your Irish Jig on; however, you should have something ready for a night on the town or just to impress someone! My Irish-American boyfriend was thrilled we he saw that I, a Black-American, can Irish step better than he can!
Here is a video of a dancer performing at the Irish Dance World Championships 2009

This video definitely isn't Irish Step, however, I just had to show it! Here is a performance done by Earl Tucker, a dancing legend. This man can move!
Watch types of dances would you be willing to try?

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